Silent Disco Citywalk Kingsland


Time: May 13, 2021 6:00 PM
Location: Urbanaut Brewery & Tap Room, 597 New North Road, Morningside, Auckland
Event Type: Free Walk
Organized By: Silent Disco Citywalk
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About the Walk

Silent Disco Citywalk Kingsland hits Auckland streets, hidden corners, parks, car parks, exciting public spaces and city objects.

Join us on an energetic, multi-sensory outdoor experience that gives a new perspective on the city. This group walk sparks curiosity and promotes a sense of freedom and joy in our city streets.

Silent Disco walks are led by our special dance guides and undertaken as a group, collectively listening to a themed soundtrack over special headphones. We are going to explore the nooks and crannies of the Kingsland area, indulge our royal taste buds with gastronomic finds and question the desire for power. It is easy to do when you are accompanied by the King and Queen, your special guides of the tour. The events entertainment programme is promised to evoke your sense of inner aristocrat like never before.

Dancing has been known to spontaneously break out.

Spaces are limited to 50 people in a group. An online pre-booking for the walk is required. 

Silent Disco Citywalk is a an original concept, award-winning event created by Yana Kirakovskaya and Papaya Stories (