Art Discovery Northcote


Time: April 24, 2021 11:00 AM
Location: Northart, Norman King Square, Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Auckland
Event Type: Free Walk
Organized By: Northart
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About the Walk

Join Northart exhibiting artists Jeff Thomson and Bev Goodwin on a gathering stroll around Northcote Town Centre. Through a process of making drawings and taking photographs you’ll collect the visual materials to inspire an artwork created together after the walk.

Presented in partnership with Northart to accompany the exhibition Roofing, Wire, and Tin in Gallery A, 13 – 28 April.

Jeff Thomson has been working as a full-time professional artist since 1989. Jeff works mainly in sculpture, creating works out of mediums that are traditionally excluded from artistic production, such as metal and wire.

Bev Goodwin is a multi-media and installation artist, as a result of a concern for environmental issues and the effects of mass consumerism, she focuses on working with wire, hosing, and other low tech and recycled materials.

Bev and Jeff have worked together on a number of projects and share a love of wire as a medium for artist creation.