The Waters Flow

photo of drain and bush with hand drawn pukeko walking in front of it

What: An audio guided walk telling the story of the restoration of the Awataha stream and the ways it has and will transform Northcote. Come with us on a journey along the new waterway route and learn how it was dreamed up, and what we hope it will be.

In late 2022 the waters will first flow the length of the new Te Ara Awataha greenway. To celebrate this moment Kaipātiki Project restoration activator Neil Henderson shares the stories of how the stream has been brought back into the daylight and guides you in spotting the secrets of its ecology, the species he hopes to see make the water their home, and the ones he’s hoping we avoid – like the riverbed shopping trolley.

Discover the places where you can see this stream and imagine its future with us.

Note: The audio file and map have been updated with the opening of Te Ara Awataha Greenway

Where: Northcote. Our walk starts at Jessie Tonar Reserve and finishes behind the Northcote Intermediate. Kaka Street is currently a gravel road with building sites on either side. Please take care while walking along it.

How: Walk from from point to point while listening to the audio guide. View the route here or access it via google maps.

Who: This walk is suitable for adults and teenagers.

Difficulty: An easy amble with some gravel and dirt paths taking 60 minutes to complete, including stops. Return walk is 13 mins.

What do you need: You need a mobile device with an internet connection to stream the audio along the walk.

Access information: This walk includes an optional walk over a muddy path to the Puna. With the opening of the Te Ara Awataha Greenway the main route is now wheel accessible.

Created by: The Urban Walking Festival and Kaipātiki Project. Kaipātiki Project is an innovative EcoHub, growing a sustainable future for people and nature. They do this by empowering people, inspiring connection with nature and enabling sustainable living.