Sleeper Class (SL)

What: Sleeper Class (SL) is a musical journey to be listened to while walking along the New Lynn to Avondale shared path. Following the flow of the landscape, at times it rushes with the train and at others drops into soft contemplation. The name of the piece refers to a common overnight train ticket.

The musicians that form Te Rama Ake Roa draw from a variety of improvisation traditions including taonga pūoro, jazz and Hindustani music. Together, they take the shared path as a score for melodies and rhythms that carry you along the 40 minute walk. Their response forms a cultural junction inspired by the clatter of wheels and chuff of engines.

Accompanying your walk will be Hindustani singer Balamohan Shingade, taonga pūoro artists and percussionists Abigail Aroha Jensen and Larsen Tito-Taylor, double bassist Eamon Edmundson-Wells, saxophonist Callum Passells and modular synth artist Parks.

Take a journey with Te Rama Ake Roa.

Where: The New Lynn to Avondale shared path. You can start at either end. In New Lynn begin at the corner of Hetana St and Totara Ave. In Avondale begin on Blockhouse Bay Road, opposite Tait St.

How: Walk the shared path from beginning to end while listening to the audio guide. View the path here.  A bus or train will take you back to your starting point.

Duration: 41 minutes.

Who: This walk is suitable for all ages.

Difficulty: An easy amble with some slight hills and busy road crossings.

What do you need: You need headphones and a mobile device with an internet connection to stream the audio along the walk.

map with two birds

Access information: This walk is wheel accessible. It goes along a newly constructed shared path and public footpaths.

Created by: Te Rama Ake Roa.

Balamohan Shingade, vocals
Abigail Aroha Jensen, taonga pūoro
Callum Passells, saxophones
Larsen Tito-Taylor, taonga pūoro, percussion
Parks, electronics
Eamon Edmundson-Wells, double bass